Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Casseroles out; cash and greetings in for Calgary

I jumped the gun earlier today. I had an idea about making casseroles for the people in Calgary effected by the floods: folks that lost their homes and people who had food go bad in their homes because fridges didn’t have any power. The Calgary Food Bank is in need of food, so I thought maybe people could ban together. Make casseroles, I thought — by the hundreds. Freeze them and then deliver them.

Thanks to my good friends Bruce and Jack set me straight. The idea would never fly, let alone go truckin’ down Highway 2. Too many health regulations. As Jack said taking a casserole over the fence to a neighbor is a whole different issue than cooking up hundreds of casseroles. And he’s right.

There’s still an opportunity to help. The best thing is cash. Then, the Food Bank can buy what they need. Their link is right here.

And if you decide to make a contribution and you add something to your gift — perhaps a few words of encouragement. Send them here and we will get them to the people of Calgary.

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Let's go! Casseroles for Calgary

Let’s get a collection of casserole recipies. All kinds. Then, we’ll put the word out for volunteers to make as many casseroles as they can by next weekend and ask them to freeze them. We’ll put the call out for a trucking company that has a refrigerated semi-trailer who will take all the casseroles for a three-hour drive south of Edmonton. Maybe, we could find some hotels that would keep the casseroles cold until they could be delivered to people who need them.

And we need a name for our project? How about Casseroles for Calgary?

Because they need help. A newspaper Monday said the Calgary Food Bank is having trouble keeping food on the shelves following the floods that hit the city two weeks ago. Not only people who lost their homes are turning to the Food Bank for help; but other Calgarians who went without power for some time. Their food in fridges has turned bad, and they need a hand.

We can ban together here. Certainly, food items are welcome at the Food Bank. But here’s a chance for us to get some home cooking to folks who could really use it. So if you would like to cook, drive, give us a name of a trucking company, suggest a few hotels in Calgary, send in a casserole recipe or help out in any way, click below.